Transgender and cross dresser ladies

All ladies are equal at Hello Gorgeous Transformations

We all face the same problems when it comes to looking our best and we can all learn from each other

When we are experiencing change a little support and guidance can go a long way

If we are going into unknown territory most of us could benefit from a guide

If you’re a woman in your heart then you are a woman to us

We want to help transitioning females look their most feminine and achieve becoming who they want to be

These services are tailored to help you

Makeup lessons – learn how to apply your make up, beard covering and tricks to change your facial features, day to evening looks with ease, quick morning make up all with colours that truly suit you and your style

Hair and wigs – find the image that says this is me with our help – match the hair to the face, the make up , the personality and lifestyle

Make overs - Let us create you a new look maybe one you had never thought of

Assisted shopping trips – shop with stylist who wants to take you shopping and get you dressing like the woman you feel you are - if it looks nasty we will tell you – if it looks good you will buy it - and we won't let you waste your money

Wardrobe organisation – you will probably need to clear out and to create a whole new wardrobe – we will show you how and save money too

House de-cluttering – If you need to clear the decks to allow space for the new you to emerge ask us to assist you

Please call us and book an initial 2 hour consultation or any other service

You will get lots from it. You may just need the one session to achieve your needs or you may need a couple more Everything is possible and will be tailor sessions to you

You can take as many photos as you like of yourself while we work – that way you can see your own transformation step by step

Email us for details - we can either call you back or message - the choice is yours