Make up and techniques


Would you like someone to help you look fabulous

Do you need somewhere private to go and become yourself

Do you have no real idea how to apply makeup - so you feel your not able to make the best of yourself ?

Have you wasted money on products that you never use because they didn’t suit you - but you don’t know where you went wrong ?

Would you like a certain look but have no idea how to create it ?

Do you want to reinvent yourself and become the new you - but need a little guidance and support ?

That’s where we can help

Hello Gorgeous Transformations offers a range of services to ladies who want to change and improve their look

If your new to make up and have no one to guide you lets us teach you

Or you may need to turn it up a notch or possibly tone it down - even lack the confidence to try new things – you can do that with our help

Covering beard and hair growth is of utmost importance and we can show you how to do it so it looks natural and lasts - but doesn't take hours to achieve 

Also we can advise you how soften your face to create a more feminine you

Initial consultations include

Getting to know you – what you like, dislike, what you want to achieve and what matters to you and how you look, colour matching and creating a palette to begin to work from.

Make up session -

First the basics - preparing your skin and techniques for application

Make up application, lashes, wigs - fabulous !

Photos as we go

Have an event and only want your make up applied – no teaching we can do that for you too – just tell us what you would like when you call

Email us for details - we can either call you back or message - the choice is yours