Bookings and fees

Initial consultations 2 hours

£140 ( £50 deposit when booking)

Getting to know you

Wig try out

Make up session

Going through the basics - brushes, make up types

Skin preparation

Make up application / make over

Put on your outfit

Photos as we go

Refreshments will be served 

Make up only

£70 per session (approx. 1 hour  - £20 deposit)

Wig try out and make up

£100 (1.5 hour session - £20 deposit )

Escorted shopping with a personal stylist

£140 (2.5 hour £50 deposit)

Travel expenses may be added dependent on location

Wardrobe sort out and organisation

£150 - (4 hours £50 deposit)

Travel expenses may be added dependent on location

House de - cluttering

Price on application - (£50 - £200 deposit)

Approx. £150 per day 

Travel expenses may be added dependent on location

Hello Gorgeous can tailor our services to your individual needs or budget restrictions - please do not be afraid to ask us if we can help you

Please call us to make you booking and discuss any specific requirements you may have - please remember if you don't ask you won't get so don't be shy - if theres something you would like to request do - we will try and accommodate you

After making your booking we would ask you to pay the deposit to confirm using the links above

Please advise if you have any allergies when booking - please take any required medication before visiting and bring extra with you - its just a precaution

Please note - All deposits are non refundable. If you cancel before 24 hours of your appointment you may use your deposit to re-book for another date (1 time only- deposit then forfeit)