Trans on TV - Liz Taylor

During the last couple of years trans characters have been coming part of our everyday TV lives

With the likes of Coronation Street and EastEnders featuring transgender / TV storylines and characters and more coming everyday

But for me the most evocative and interesting was ‘Liz Taylor’ in the hot TV series American Horror Story Hotel

Liz Taylor is a disenchanted salesman who is on a trip with some sales buddies who meets and is changed for ever by Lady GaGa’s character The Countess at The Hotel he stays at

At this point he of course has not become Liz – he’s just an unhappy secret cross dresser who as he’s on an away trip takes the opportunity to dress up – he is ‘introduced’ to into The Countess who then transforms him into the woman he always wanted to be and he feels wonderful – The Countess then names her Liz Taylor and the salesman and his life is all forgotten – but as fate would have it Liz then pops out of her room for some ice and unfortunately the work buddies come back and catch him all vamped up ! They ridicule and insult her – nasty men!

But fate is working for Liz her new friend and creator The Countess comes to her rescue and slices their throats with a single flick of her very long and very sharp nails!! Ha Ha

Liz Taylor is baptised in a torrent of blood and then remains working at the hotel on reception for ever more – happy ever after

One very important point though – the Countess tells Liz not to wear a wig so she remains a shaven headed beauty and looks all the more stunning for it

It may sound a little crazy but the series is well worth watching and Liz’s character grows and flourish’s during the series with a very trans believable storyline – albeit a story within the story of American Horror Story Hotel which is not for the faint hearted or for those who do not like a little horror in their soap operas

Shelley x

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