To pee or not to pee ....that is the question

To pee or not to pee – that is the question…..

The bathroom debate that has been raging in the US hasn’t quite had the same effect here in the UK

Fortunately, the Brits are a more tolerant nation overall and hopefully have better things to worry about but never the less the subject has made the headlines recently

If you’re not sure what the bathroom debate it basically it’s the ‘who’s loo should you use when you are a trans person’ and should we now have all gender toilets in offices

The given here is if you are dressed as a woman you use the female toilet – I’m not sure what the male trans ruling is or even if there is one - I’m sorry

For me being a woman the thought of having all gender use toilets isn’t nice – I have no problem with my transgender sisters using the same bathroom but men no way!!

Men do things in toilets ladies tend not to do –

They miss the pan and pee on the floor

They do number 2’s and sit doing it for ages whilst playing on their phone!

They don’t look back when they have finished to check that the toilet is ok for the next person to use

They don’t spray perfume they carry in their handbag to mask any nasty smells

My trans sisters don’t do these things and if they remember to sit down when they pee (its far less noisy than standing) no one will even notice they are there – so no problem for me – its more ladies for me to chat with over the basin when washing my hands x

I do think though that even if you don’t agree with them some of the people that feel uncomfortable with shared toilets do have valid points and cannot all be dismissed as bigots

Many people do not like using open or mixed changing rooms in gyms and shops – they cannot deal with anyone seeing their body or invading their personal naked bodily function space - not even others of the same sex so for them the thought of sharing toilets with a man or woman who is not their husband or a member of their family is already a problem they need to deal with

Then trying to get these people to accept trans people sharing these facilities as well may be almost impossible

It’s not because you are trans it’s just that some people need privacy

The one thing that is a fact and no one can change is that we all need to go to the loo – the spaces that these toilets are in and the way they are set out should be the factor in which way they are designated.

Single contained toilets with their own basins and entrances can rightly be classed as any gender toilets as you only have 1 person in them at a time so there can be no problem there

When you have bigger spaces with stands and open areas surely these can be designed to allow for those people who feel the need for total privacy or have issues to have a section only for them leaving the accepting ok with the world members of the public to get on with their lives

I do not think that this would be such a bad thing and it would show tolerance and understanding on both sides but not discrimination…. a little thought and understanding can go a long way to solving a problem that has become a big issue and need not be