Syrup of figs – the does and don’t about buying your perfect wig

Syrup of figs – the does and don’t about buying your perfect wig 

Buying a wig can be tricky. It needs to reflect who you are and suit your personality and lifestyle. So here is a guide to help you on your way. Just like shopping for clothes you need to buy the right size so the first step is to determine your head size. 

For women’s wigs, there are 3 basic sizes: Petite, Average and Large. Because most women wear an average sized cap (90-95%), there will be more style choices if your head size is average. For those who do not wear an average most of our ladies will wear a large cap and a few may wear a small. Now you need to measure your head -the tape measure should be snug but not tight or pulled when the measurements are taken. 

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To measure the circumference of your head. you will be tracing around your hairline. To begin, take a flexible cloth or seamstress measuring tape. Starting at your forehead, trace all the way around your hairline, behind the ears, to the nape of your neck and back behind your opposite ear to meet the end of the measuring tape in front. 

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The majority of the time, using the circumference of your head will give you an accurate indication of size and you can stop with the first dimension. If your size didn't match your expectations, you may also choose to take a front to back measurement. To do so, run your finger up the centre of your forehead until you touch the roots of your hair. This is where you will begin your measurement. Next, starting at your spine, run your finger up your neck until you touch the roots of your hair. This is where you will end your measurement. Run the measuring tape from the starting point to the ending point over the top or crown of the head. Use the following dimensions as a guideline

Now you know your size you must choose what your wig is made of – 

Human hair

Human hair wigs offer the same styling versatility of real hair. This feature is both the pro and the con of a human hair wig. Because human hair wigs are made of real hair, they require much more maintenance, styling and upkeep. Without the natural oils from your scalp to condition the wig, they can get dry and brittle without proper maintenance. Just like your own hair, they will lose their style in the rain or humidity and must be restyled. They are also much more expensive than synthetic wigs. 

Synthetic hair

Many people who have not seen a high quality synthetic wig think that they need a human hair wig to get a natural look. This is simply not the case. High quality synthetic wigs (like the ones we carry) will be virtually indistinguishable in appearance from a human hair wig. Synthetic wigs have the benefit of retaining their shape, so they require very little styling. Simply spritz the wig with a spray bottle of water and the hair will return to their original style. The negative to synthetic hair is that it cannot be exposed to heat sources as it will permanently damage the fibres. This means that care must be taken when putting your casserole in the oven or barbecuing. It also means that you cannot use a curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer or other heated styling tools on the wig. Synthetic wigs typically last from 4-6 months (if worn daily) with proper care. Keep in mind that most women do not wear their wig every day and if you do it will require more TLC. 

Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair 

Synthetic wigs that can be styled with heated styling tools (maximum temperature of 350 degrees) are known as "Heat Resistant Wigs". They allow you to change the look from curly to straight. For women who find it important to have this versatility but do not want a human hair wig, a heat friendly synthetic wig may be a good option. One negative to heat friendly synthetic wigs is that the hair can be a little more difficult to style than human hair.  If (when wearing the wig) the hair is pressed against the back of a chair or pillow for a period, it can become matted around the nape area. Using your flat iron or curling iron on a very low setting can restore the shape if this happens. Average life span is 3 months if worn daily. If you only wear your wig occasionally this will of course extend the life span. 

Cap style – this is how the wig is constructed and will affect how comfortable it is 

·         Classic Wigs

These are machine made wigs with traditional wefted rows of hair that are sewn together. Most classic wigs are "capless," allowing your head to breathe. They will have teased fibres at the hair roots to conceal the cap underneath. Due to the construction, the part is stationary and therefore classic wigs will offer less styling versatility. Classic wigs provide a very natural and affordable look that has stood the test of time. 

·         Monofilament Wigs

More expensive than classic wigs, monofilament wigs go the extra step to make your hair look completely real. Each hair is individually placed on a transparent mesh cap (instead of in rows), making it look like your real hair is growing from your scalp.They are truly convincing replications of your natural hair growth. The part can be moved, allowing greater styling versatility. Monofilament wigs will have varying amounts of monofilament construction. Most feature this construction on the top of the cap only.

·         Hand Tied Caps

Another step up, these are monofilament wigs that are typically sewn on a very soft piece of lace fabric. Unlike regular monofilament wigs, the entire cap features hand tied construction, providing the most natural look possible. 

·         Lace Front Wigs

Lace fronts can be on classic caps, monofilament caps or hand tied caps. Lace front wigs feature individually tied hairs on very fine lace around the hairline. This allows you to pull your hair back from your face for a natural look.

 Now armed with this information you can buy a few cheap wigs to start with to gauge colour and style. Do not invest lots of money in your first few wigs as you will end up wasting it. Go on the internet and get wigs from eBay or somewhere that only cost £10 - £15 each.

Do not go with your male mode natural colour go a few shades lighter or for a different shade if you are grey. If you have blue eyes try blonde, green eyes red or auburn, brown eyes highlighted chestnut. Try to steer clear of the traditional trans wig of choice ‘bob type cuts with a straight fringe’ and straight sides – these styles do not soften or feminise your face. They may be good for hiding behind as you can put your head down and the hair falls forward hiding your features, but that is about all. More tousled free flowing locks give the impression of being natural. And do not buy long hair pieces, shoulder length is about as long as you should go – overly long will look false and it will get you unwanted attention as people look at people with perfect long shiny locks – better to choose something less dramatic which looks real and gets you one step closer to passing quietly by in public which is what most ladies want to do.

When you get your first few wigs try them on with and without make up – take pictures of yourself from all angles, sit in front of a mirror and shake your head about, turn on a fan and blow your hair in the wind – try and see what others will see and decide if the wig looks natural, if the colour suits you and most importantly if you like what you see. Then trial wear the piece at home for an hour building up the time over a few days to make sure it doesn’t irritate you or move when being worn. 

If all is well then you can invest in a more expensive version of the trial wig for regular use making you look fab and feminine.  

Good luck ladies  

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