Its all about the bag - bout the bag - bout the bag

It’s all about the bag… bout the bag ...bout the bag

The handbag is without doubt one of the most feminising articles of clothing or accessory a woman can have at her disposal

It may be useful, practical, elegant, stylish, trendy, outlandish, totally silly, ugly or horrid but the one thing it always says to anyone who sees it when it’s out and about is ‘my owner is a woman’

Men may have man bags but they never carry a real handbag

So use this weapon to your advantage at all times ladies

Choose a bag that compliments you and not necessarily your outfit – take time choosing a bag – it’s important if you want it to tell everyone about you

I have 6 colours of the same style bag so far as I love it ! And it works for every occassion apart from clubbing 

If you are larger in stature, choose a larger bag it will make you look smaller – if you are petit choose one that doesn’t drown you

Add a pop of colour with your bag and possibly a coordinating scarf or bracelet if your wardrobe choices tend to be of the darker colour palette or if your work is of a serious nature and you must look the part

If it’s a sunny day reflect the mood with a colourful bag and flip flops

A beautifully finished black leather bag can say oodles about your confidence and position but not necessarily be a boring choice if its chosen carefully

  A bag can tell people a lot about you ….

 Make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate your daily needs when out and about

 A stylish shopper is a must for every girls wardrobe

 Always clear out your bag at least once a week to avoid it becoming a dumping ground for items you do not necessarily require everyday but for some reason are humping around – bags can weigh a lot if they get full up with junk!

Petit evening bags may look ultra-feminine but serve no purpose if you cannot get anything in them! Movie stars carry them as they have personal assistants waiting in the back ground carrying the items they actually brought with them like their lipstick and phone

Also small clutch bags only serve to make your hands and feet look larger so choose the size of such bags with thought not just because it sparkles a lot x

Handbags are a woman’s domain – enjoy them – collect them – use them- they can help you become the woman you want to be


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