Feet – foot care – foot looks and foot no no’s for ladies who want their feet on show

Ladies having nice feet is a bonus which not many of us are blessed with.

Big feet, bony toes, hairy toes, unkempt nails, hard skin, dirty nail, smelly feet, bunions and corns are all too common – but some of these can be avoided with taking 15 minutes twice a week to take care of your feet.

In summer your feet will be on show on lovely sandals with painted toes – however painting your toes red or pink is not enough to show them off in public – feet need to be groomed just like the rest of you

  1. Hairy toes and foot tops – do not I repeat do not shave your toes !!!! Invest a small amount of money in waxing strips or a home waxing kit. Wax away those unsightly hairs
  2. Remove hard skin especially on heels – If you have lots of hard yellowy skin first gently shave some the hardest build up using a specialist foot plane available from Boots etc – next using a good foot file rub away the majority of the hard skin that is left – leave a little to avoid getting sore feet – now soak your feet in a bowl with bubble bath or foot soak until the feet feel soft – dry your feet and apply lashings of foot softening cream there are many available in stores – put on a pair of slightly oversized socks and if possible go to bed letting the cream take the most effect, if you can’t keep the socks on for as long as possible – repeat this twice a week but don’t shave any more skin off try to keep the skin at bay with the foot file
  3. Dirty nails and hard skin around nails – soak your feet – gently trim excess cuticle skin from around your nails – use the pointed end of a metal nail file to clean under your nails – trim your toe nails and gently file – buff the tops with a nail buffing pad to even our ridges and discolouration – if your nails are very yellow you can buy potions which help whiten toe nails – apply a light oil or foot cream onto your nails and massage in – allow this to soak in before applying any nail polish
  4. If you have corns it’s wise to invest in a trip to the chiropodist to avoid causing yourself damage or infection by trying to remove them yourself
  5. Keep your feet well moisturised so try and apply cream daily after showers or baths
  6. Smelly feet – tea tree oil cream soaks or oil is very good at treating this, changing foot wear and socks regularly and good foot hygiene will eventually end the pongs
  7. If your feet are larger don’t wear strong coloured nail polished softer shades with pearly finishes work best – always use a clear base coat to avoid staining your nails